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products to help you through your period

Sometimes slow breathing or walking outside or taking medication doesn't work. I envy those who can have a 'natural period' and live their lives as normal for the week or so they are bleeding. However, we all know that for the majority of females it does not work that way and sometimes you need to use products to help you through the journey. So here are some products that may make your period a little bit easier to manage.

Hot Water Bottle/ Heating Pads- A big water bottle which has a comfy, fluffy cover really can help. Heat works by relaxing the muscles of the uterus, consequently improving blood flow which combats cramps so it really can be useful when your period is being problematic. Heating pads are also good if you are travelling, they heat up by themselves so if you are at school or at a function somewhere you can just grab one out of your bag and put it on your abdomen. A lot easier and more discrete than carrying a massive hot water bottle around.

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